JumpStart® Academy Preschool - Mobile Game for Kids

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JumpStart Academy Preschool


  • JumpStart® Academy Preschool
  • JumpStart® Academy Preschool
  • JumpStart® Academy Preschool
  • JumpStart® Academy Preschool
  • JumpStart® Academy Preschool
  • JumpStart® Academy Preschool
  • JumpStart® Academy Preschool
  • JumpStart® Academy Preschool
  • JumpStart® Academy Preschool


Calling all preschool parents! JumpStart is proud to present a one-of-a-kind learning experience that focuses on guiding and preparing your child through their first years of learning. Your child will be taken on an adventure of a lifetime that starts close to home and expands to soaring heights that your child can reach. They will experience a world of creativity and imagination all while breaking down parts of their education and incorporating different aspects of a preschooler’s life.

Your little learner will conquer the basics of the alphabet, phonics, shapes, and numbers. They will venture through different lessons in each group that teach the common components of a preschool education; sounding out letters, tracing, number and letter recognition, formation and sequencing, and more! They will be excited to learn with integrated fun and exciting gameplay, surrounded and encouraged by JumpStart’s beloved cast of characters. These captivating mini games blend the fundamentals into the gameplay, keeping your child wanting more! But, JSA Preschool doesn’t just teach the essentials in the classroom, we expand to social emotional learning concepts such as feelings, friends, pet responsibility, exercising, health and more!

We also allow your child to create an experience that is unique to them! Players can customize their own avatar with endless colors, accessories, clothing and personal flare, allowing them to journey through this educational voyage in style. The personalization doesn’t stop there! They can customize their own “My House”, from top to bottom with multiple themed décor, design options, and more!

Educational Skills

Your kid will have a blast navigating through our games, all of which incorporate national standards to give your child a learning edge. These core fundamentals include learning how to spell and read words, counting, recognizing and naming shapes, as well as an introduction to the basics of phonics. These lessons will be distributed through engaging games, lessons, and activities.

Learning Path

Exploring will fuel your child’s wonder and originality! Players can learn all about themselves and the world around them, as they navigate through themed environments. Each environment contains innovative and introspective lessons that players will carry with them beyond their education.


We allow each player to completely create their own unique identity with endless options of colors, outfits, accessories and more! Create your own little architect in “My House” by building and decorating a house from the ground up! We continue to spark your child’s creativity and imagination.


As your child plays, they will have the opportunity to win awesome rewards. They can obtain these prizes for completing games and activities. They will receive tickets, which can then be redeemed for items for their avatar or accessories for “My House”. These rewards will get them excited and ready to learn!

Parent Center

Keep track of your child’s learning progress through the Parent Center! Here, you can play an active role in your kid’s educational journey by accessing information on progress reports, recommended assignments, and additional resources.

We understand that every child learns differently, so we created a personalized gaming approach that takes in a player’s progress and tailors the game experience to their individual needs. With an ensemble of fun-loving and unique characters, exciting learning environments, stimulating educational activities, and a customized playing experience, your young scholar will soar ahead of their peers and become lifelong learners.