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Now it is even easier to stay connected to the happenings at the Space Port - Math Blaster has officially landed on Facebook! Explore the galaxy and utilize your math skills as you join the ranks for all kinds of out-of-this-world adventures with Max and your friends in the I.S.P.

Math Blaster - Cool Math Game for Kids

Math Blaster Game

Playing with numbers is so much fun! Help kids make friends with math by engaging them with our exciting math game. The virtual world with cool math game here at Math Blaster is a great way to get kids to love the subject!

Math Blaster: Free Math Games for Kids

Math Blaster is a fun, safe, and child-friendly online math game for kids, designed to integrate both beginners and seniors with the subject so that they have fun learning it! Used by parents and teachers across the globe, the website offers plenty of useful resources that make math enjoyable for the little ones. Set in a thrilling intergalactic virtual world, Math Blaster aims to help kids continue to grow in their ranks and learn multiple math topics with the help of cool math games and activities. Once you make your way into this world, there's a lot to be done, including:-