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Join an action-packed journey to save the magical world of Terra as part of the League of Mages! In joining in this growing coalition you will help fulfill a long held prophecy as you battle against the darkness with the realm’s elves led by the Asher.

These magical characters have banned together to fight off a mysterious darkness that’s threatened to take over their lands and they need one last missing piece to keep these shadows punks and brambles at bay - they need YOU!

As part of the League of Mages, you will be able to take part in the following game play features -


  • Connect with friends and other Mages-in-training in an online world
    • Explore new lands in the magical ream of Terra
    • Vanquish Brambles and Shadow Punks
    • Earn rewards for completed tasks and missions
    • Build bonds with fellow Mages by creating Guilds or chatting
  • Build a lifelong bond with your own family of Mythies
    • Raise and train a magical companion to take on quests and more
    • Build a fleet of magical creatures as you grow your stables
  • Fly to new heights at Take off Tower
    • Take on unique flight courses as you become an expert flier on booms and Mythies
    • Unlock amazing rewards with each completed race
  • Craft magical potions and more as you harness the power of nature
    • Equip your Mage with potions to help complete quests
    • Learn to classify items and complete a variety of recipes
  • Practice Mana Fishing to unlock your magic and use your wand
    • Advance your magical abilities as you master the mana pools
    • Understand the power of the 6 types of available Mana
  • Defeat the darkness by shadow busting
    • Use magic to keep Terra safe from harm as brambles and Shadow Punks appear throughout the lands
  • Become one with nature through farming and fishing
    • Unlock new rewards and level up you mage by completing tasks on your farm
    • Learn about various types of crops and animals