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Uncover some of nature’s most magical mysteries by embarking on an educational journey in JumpStart’s Magic & Mythies. Paired with your very own Mythies, you will learn basic scientific principles through questing at the League of Mages. There, Asher, the prophecy’s Chosen One, will help train you to help with the League’s ultimate mission - to vanquish the growing reach of the darkness that has been spreading quickly across the magical realm of Terra!

As you learn to harness your powers and craft magical potions, you will gain first hand knowledge through experimental learning and social problem solving in immersive and interactive quests -


  • Explore topics that range across various scientific areas of study with a primary focus in Ecology and how organisms interact with one another and their environment
  • Begin applying the Scientific Method to give concrete meaning to various types of abstract concepts in nature
  • Join Laurel to explore and learn to classify the various bodies of water that run across Terra
  • Experience the battle of good versus evil, heroes and monsters, and the power of friendship
  • Uncover the plant lifecycles as you learn about the history of the Tree of Wisdom and come to understand the Tree’s essential role in Terra
  • Learn about the effects of littering on the environment as you help Asher bury some of the biodegradable items Cypress leaves behind
  • Classify different types of clouds with Cypress on a series of cloud quests
  • Address topics like pollution by helping clean up the trash left behind after Shadow Punk invasions
  • Identify the basic parts of a plant with Willow as you uncover the Shadow Trap Plant in Harmony Falls
  • Be introduced to the idea of natural selection in terms of how organisms adapt to their surroundings and how technology and innovation borrow from occurrences in nature
  • Understand how human activity impacts nature and ripples out to disrupt ecosystems through fishing and farming
  • Get and introduction to ecology and how systems in nature relate to one another to function and harmoniously coexist