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Magic and Mythies: Mobile App


  • Magic and Mythies - Mythies game
  • Magic and Mythies - Play Online
  • Magic and Mythies - Virtual world of Mythies
  • Magic and Mythies - Free Mythies Games
  • Magic and Mythies - Educational Game for Kids


The magical world of Terra is in danger. A mysterious and evil darkness has taken hold and the elves need your help. In this MMORPG you play as a Mage learning to harness your magical powers in order to help the League of Mages win in this epic battle. Raise and collect Mystical Creatures, the great Mythies, to assist you on your journey to be the hero that brings peace back to these lands!


  • Immerse yourself in this action packed 3D MMO world
    • Fly through the beautiful lands of Terra
    • Battle mysterious creatures
    • Compete for trophies
    • Experience the battle of good versus evil, heroes and monsters, and the power of friendship
  • Socialize and make new friends
    • Chat with other Mages from around the world
    • Join or create a Guild for you and your friends and complete exclusive challenges.
  • Bond with Mythies
    • 5 unique Mythies to choose from with more to come
    • Play, pet, and feed your Mythie for your journey.
  • Take off Tower – challenge yourself on various flight courses
    • 40+ unique courses to challenge you and your Mythie.. Sky Tracks – Prove you are the best in the sky in this player vs player racing mode
    • 6 unique tracks to battle and win trophies in
  • Crafting – create new items by collecting and crafting items you discover together
    • Create potions that help you in your adventure
    • 20+ unique crafting recipes
  • Mana Fishing
    • Catch different types of mana from magical wells to increase your magical abilities
    • 6 different types that offer different bonuses
  • Shadow busting
    • Destroy the darkness that is taking over Terra with your magic spells and Mythies.
  • Farming/Fishing
    • Farm and raise various crops and animals
    • Sell your crops and use them for crafting.
    • Catch different types of fish like perch, salmon, brown trout, and others...