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All Hallows Haunt

Enter if You Dare: The All Hollows Haunt Has Begun in Terra

Just when you thought the Darkness could not make Terra any spookier… The annual All Hollows Haunt has arrived to really bring the ghoulish festivities! Our first-ever update for our Magic & Mythies app has arrived just in time for some the Halloween season. With glowing jack-o-lanterns, cobwebs, and some decorative ghosts, the land of the Hollows is feeling frightful and delightful.

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NEW Game! JumpStart: Magic & Mythies!

Magic & Mythies is here—the exciting NEW mobile app that allows you to do even cooler things in your Mythie Training adventures. Now on iOS and Google Play, head to the App Store and get started on our latest game!

A mysterious Darkness is sweeping through the world of Terra and its residents need your help! Follow head elf Asher into the portal of this magical world to help conquer the evil Shadows at the forefront of its army. In Magic & Mythies, learn to harness magical powers while raising trusty Mythies and help bring peace to Terra once and for all.

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