PART 1 - ‘Willow of the Tree’

Willow was only a young elf when the first Shadow invasion occurred. Terra was a peaceful land where elves, Mythies and nature lived in complete harmony. One fateful day, everything changed. The Tree of Wisdom was nearly destroyed in the chaos. Those were dark times and with all that’s happened since, Willow cannot remember how they ever survived. She can only piece together bits and pieces. Still, back in her youth, Willow was a fierce warrior with magical abilities that no other mage could compete with. Even though her warrior days are now behind her, Willow interprets the Tree’s knowledge to all those who can’t hear it. She maintains the elven history in its roots and she mentors the young elves and mages to keep them on the right path.

elf - Willow

PART 2 - ‘Willow: The Last Guardian’

The Tree’s elders spoke of a Prophecy, where the darkness would be vanquished for all time. With history starting to repeat itself, Willow remains the only one to witness the previous attack. She is the ‘Last Guardian’ and wields the element of wind. She is not going to let the Shadows take over Terra. Willow was given this role by the ancient Guardians, who vanished hundreds of years ago. Although many have asked her where they went, Willow refuses to talk about it.

elf - Willow

PART 3 - ‘Willow: The Prophecy of Harmony’

Willow summoned the elves that the Prophecy spoke of. She especially couldn’t wait to meet Asher, the one who would lead the League of Mages to victory against the Shadows. Although he still seems doubtful, Willow knows that this is his destiny and he will grow and develop into the leader that Terra needs. Sadly, her confidence seems to make Asher more nervous.

PART 4 - ‘Willow: The Believer’

She adopted Rowan as her son and raised him on her own. She believes that each elf, Mythie and mage has a role to play in defeating the Shadows and everyone has been summoned for a reason. She believes the future has been foreseen. For this reason, it appears as though she lacks urgency and often looks too calm in times of great danger.

elf - Willow

PART 5 - ‘Willow: Flora and Fauna’

When Willow isn’t busy mentoring the mages and counseling Asher, she enjoys spending time with nature. More often than not she is in her gardens, caring for her plants and animals. She tends to speak to them, even though they don’t always understand her and she doesn’t always understand them. However, her WindWhipper, Flora, understands her perfectly. Willow and Flora have been companions ever since Willow was a young elf. The two have been through thick and thin together and wish to see the final victory over the Shadows, and peace in Terra once more.