PART 1 - ‘The Land of Knowledge’

The Story begins with the Tree of Wisdom. The first Guardians planted and nurtured what turned out to be the tallest, strongest and most incredible of trees. Since then, generations of Guardians have continued to protect the Tree of Wisdom and have made it their home. Willow stays here and continues the tradition to this day. The Tree has given so much to the patch of land that surrounds it. There are golden apples, waterfalls, mana pools, Kelp, and even the Mythie Grottos. And that’s only what has been recorded so far!

PART 2 - ‘A View from a Tree’

The Tree of Wisdom has the most gorgeous views in all of Terra, from the top of the waterfall to the endless oceans. The sun always shines over its lovely leaves. There are also caves and tide pools to explore.

PART 3 - ‘Farming and Flourishing’

A trail up the mountainside leads to the glorious farmlands that stretch through the rocks. It is a place of natural calm, where all are welcome to grow all kinds of plant life and care for their animals.

PART 4 - ‘Towers of Flight’

Take-Off Tower has stood for hundreds of years on the edge of the cliff side, overlooking the vast oceans. It was constructed so that elves and Mythies could learn and test their flying skills to perfection. As their skills grew, many heroic Mythies took them to exotic lands where the most legendary fliers honed their talents.

PART 5 - ‘Mythie Grotto’

Opposite the tree, in a cave at the base, lies the Mythie Grotto. Magic flies through it from the tree and water pours through from the waterfall. It is one of the most magical places in all of Terra, so it’s no wonder that Rowan has made such a wonderful home there. Many Mythies are born in the hatching pool, where Rowan makes sure they’re cleaned, fed and ready before they venture out into the world. Inside, there are also the Mythie stables, where Mythies can rest after a hard day’s adventuring.