Training Guide - Tips for Raising a Mythie

Mythies require lots of care and attention. As a Mage, you are entrusted not only to pick a lifelong companion but also stand by its side as it develops from a small Eggling to a powerful companion and eventually, a master of the skies. This is a responsibility that takes time, loyalty, and most of all - care and training. After all, Mythie are not hatched knowing how to fly, race or to stand bravely by your side as you take on new adventures. In order to grow and be ready for battle against the growing sense of darkness that manifest in the ever present Shadow Punks and Brambles, Mythies must be raised my a diligent and loving Mage.

There are a few things a Mage must do to help them get there, starting by keeping them fed and fueled up for adventure. Keep an eye on your Mythies energy meter. These levels must be kept up to ensure that your Mythie will grow and is able to meet new milestones in its training to dominate on the tracks and through the open skies. If your Mythie’s meter runs low, you can always feed them Mythie Munchies to recharge them!

Through various training exercises and regular visits to the Take Off Tower and the Skytracks Racing arena, your Mythie will learn to control its speed, acceleration, and pitch and turn rates. But before you can do that the other thing you will need to do is keep your Mythie happy.

Mythie’s do lots of work to keep Terra safe and train with their Mages, so it’s essential that they have some fun too. They won’t be able to trudge through the strain of training if they are not in the happiest of moods. When your Mythie’s happiness bar begins to look low, play some games with them! There are many toys to choose from such as: the Mythie Ball Toy, Chew Ring, Bone Toy, Rattle Toy, and the Toy Wand. Each of these will increase your Mythie’s happiness levels so that they are ready for adventure.

But Mythies aren’t all about fun and games either. Lots of hard work goes into training. Mage should know that Mythie also has a special connection to the elements, a connection they will need to hone in on as they develop special skills and abilities. All of this and more will help cement the bond with your Mythie so that you will be able to take on the darkness together!