PART 1 - ‘The Town of Hollows’

The Hollows is shrouded in mystery. All its inhabitants disappeared some time ago and no one knows where they went. Laurel has made it her mission to rebuild it as a place of knowledge, innovation and hope. Phoenixes often fly over the town and drop their beautiful feathers as they go, magical orbs of light float around this town of magic and secrets. Still, the question remains: what happened here?

PART 2 - ‘Sky High Glory’

Sky Tracks holds its flags up high in the Hollows. It is the ancient building where elves and mages still race for victory and glory. It sends the racer to challenging and far away courses, from the frozen mountains to the deepest caverns of Terra.

PART 3 - ‘Creatures of the Swamp’

The swamp surrounds the town of Hollows and it is home to a lot of small creatures and plants. Cypress has decided to reside here because it reminds him most of home. The green hazy water has much to explore.

PART 4 - ‘Crafting up a Spell’

The Cauldron was the first building that Laurel settled in. She made it her lab for crafting incredible new spells, experimenting with strange and wonderful mixtures, and even cooking up some superb foods for the Mythies.