The World of Terra

The World of Terra is known for its many magical lands. Ask any Mage or elf and they would surely agree that its beauty is not something to miss in any lifetime. This magical and mystical world is where you will come to know the League of Mages, a training ground, where eager, thrill-seeking Mages-in-training learn how to harness nature’s elements and produce magic, which is used on various quests and most importantly as a means of fighting off the darkness!

There’s a lot of work that needs to be done to keep Terra out of harms way and defend against the reaches of the darkness. While in Terra, we ask that elves and Mages alike join together under the direction of leaders like Asher and his friends so that the evil Brambles and Shadow Punks are kept away. The presence of theses minions of the darkness bring about an unpleasant force that if left unattended, threatens to ruin the balance across Terra’s lands. These little creatures have made it their goal to take over anything beautiful in nature and destroy it. That’s why we need you to learn about what it takes to harness Terra’s natural energy to become a powerful Mage.

‘The Tree of Wisdom’

The Tree of Wisdom is where life began. The first Guardians were there to nurture what turned out to be the most magical and incredible of trees. From the Tree there came golden apples, waterfalls, mana, magic and the Mythie Grotto. And that’s only what has been recorded so far.

‘The Town of Hollows’

The Hollows is shrouded in mystery. All its inhabitants disappeared some time ago and no one knows where they went. Laurel has made it her mission to rebuild it as a place of knowledge, innovation and hope. Although the question remains: what happened here?

‘Harmony Falls’

The beautiful lands stretch far and wide, from waterfalls to woods, Harmony Falls is a place where nature has thrived for thousands of years. However, with the Shadows returned, it has become partially a battleground, where mages fight to protect it from the darkness.

‘Sootville: the Underground City’

Deep underground in the depths of Terra is this city unlike any you have seen before. Despite its unpleasant name, Sootville provides a comfortable home to the metal element and the industrious elves that live there.

‘Aquaria: Knowledge Submerged’

The city of Aquaria is an architectural beauty and a hub for knowledge, science, and learning that lies deep underwater, in the ocean. The water elves who live there are some of the smartest and most intellectual in Terra and there is nothing they love more than sharing their knowledge with people who are willing to learn.

‘Firecrest: Volcanic Warriors’

The small island city of Firecrest is home to some of Terra’s strongest warriors, spiciest foods as well as the element of fire. Firecrest is a popular vacation destination in Terra, but you don’t want to get on the locals’ bad sides.

‘Lumindale: The Land of Light and Peace’

High above the cloud layer is the village of Lumindale, a small farming community that is home to the light element and a race of humble, hardworking elves that live off the land. The produce that comes out of Lumindale is known as the best produce in all of Terra.

You will not be alone on this journey; in joining the league, you will be able to choose from different Mythies that will accompany you throughout your quests. It will be your responsibility to protect and teach your Mythie as you learn how to unleash the precious gift of magic. After all, Terra and all its lands can only prosper through the understanding that elements in nature relate to ultimately help elves, Mythies and Mages protect our world from the darkness.