Shadow Punks

An increasingly menacing brigade of creatures known as Shadow Punks are at the forefront of this mysterious darkness sweeping across Terra. These sinister characters are more than just mischievous; they are absolutely toxic to the harmony of Terra. Though they are small, their threat to this ancient land of creativity and splendor is very real.

PART 1 - Shadow Punks Where the Shadow Punks came from is a mystery. There are ancient books and small pieces of evidence that support the fact that they have attacked Terra before but not for over a hundred years. Shadow Punks are nasty creatures. They attack nature and all those who protect it. To that end, they create brambles that hurt plants and flowers and spread to new lands to cause more damage to the environment.

PART 2 - Green Shadow Punk These Shadows attack by getting close to the mage, in what’s called hand-to-hand combat. They are the easiest Shadow to beat, and the most common. But be sure to be cautious because there are also a lot more of them. In groups they can be a real challenge to bust. They drop Green Shadow Cores.

PART 3 - Yellow Shadow Punk These Punks prefer to attack you from a distance with energy blasts. They’re more difficult to deal with because they are more hidden and also more cowardly. Luckily, these are less common and so you will rarely have to deal with a lot of them at the same time. These Shadows drop the Yellow Shadow Cores.

PART 4 - Purple Shadow Punks These are the largest and rarest of the Shadows, so watch out! They are crafty, can inflict the most damage and much about them remains unknown. They attack from a distance with shadow blasts, but have one weakness: because of their size they can’t move. Purple Shadow Cores drop from these mighty beasts.

Are you ready to save Terra and its enchanted community from these wicked Shadow Punks? Join Asher and the elves for the fight against darkness.