Rowan and Rocky

Rowan spent most his his childhood caring for Mythies in the Tree. Rocky was a bit smaller than the other Mythies at first and was excluded from some of the Mythie games. Rowan, being a bit antisocial himself, really empathized with Rocky and took him under his wing. Rowan nurtured Rocky until he was even bigger and stronger than the other Mythies, and able to fit right in. Rocky formed a special connection with Rowan and has been extremely loyal to him ever since Rowan adopted him.

Rowan and Rocky share the element, Earth, and work together to hone their powers. Rocky, like most HornHowlies, is fierce in battle and will protect Terra at any cost. Rowan constantly fears for Rocky’s safety, among many of the other Mythies, and this trait greatly worries him. However, Rocky is very successful in battle due to the care provided to him by Rowan, and no matter how much Rowan worries for Rocky, he is always proud of how well he has done and how much he has accomplished in protecting Terra.