PART 1 - ‘Rowan: The Lost Elf’

Willow found baby Rowan crying on top of the waterfall, facing the Tree of Wisdom, over a decade ago. She had no idea how he got there. She tried to locate his parents and find where he came from, but she only had one clue—his element was earth. She traveled to all of the elven cities but had no luck. Her and baby Rowan returned to the Tree of Wisdom and she cared for him like he was her own son.

elf - Rowan

PART 2 - ‘Rowan: The Mythie Master’

Rowan grew up to be a gentle giant. Compassionate and caring, Rowan took to looking after the Mythies in the Mythie Grottos. He had a talent for nurturing and raising baby Mythies and still takes it very seriously. He has always been socially awkward with other elves and feels more at home when he’s with the Mythies.

elf - Rowan

PART 3 - ‘Rowan: Destined for Greatness’

Rowan was with Willow when she first heard the Prophecy. He was surprised that his name was mentioned but Willow believed that it was no coincidence that Rowan was found this way. Being a part of the League was his destiny. Elves from multiple lands arrived at the Tree of Wisdom. Rowan had only spent time with Mythies and Willow and so he was overwhelmed by all the newcomers and their wild personalities. It was too much for him to handle so he fled back to the Mythie Grottos. For a while, he refused to come out until Asher came down to him and reassured him that everything would be fine. Rowan felt a little bit better, but still frequently retreats to where he feels safe.

elf - Rowan

PART 4 - ‘Rowan: The Healer’

Rowan is a Mythie expert and Mythies are great allies to the League for the fight against the Shadows. He hates combat and fighting, despite how physically strong his is, but even worse for him is Mythies being used in combat. He fears for many Egglings that are hatched because he knows they will be used in such a way. Asher reassures him that these Mythies are loved and not just used in battle. They are companions and friends. Although Rowan is shy, whenever a Mythie is injured he will leap into the action and save it. He works well with healing elves and the other mages in the League if they’ve been hurt, too. His famous soups seem to make everything better.

PART 5 - ‘Rowan: Rocky and Roll’

Even though Rowan is a caretaker to all Mythies, Rowan does have a favorite which he calls his own. That Mythie is a HornHowlie named Rocky. The two have a strong bond because they share the earth element and similar personalities. However, while Rowan shies away from going out, Rocky enjoys a good HornHowlie dance whenever he can. Rocky is Rowan’s best friend and the two grew up together in the Tree of Wisdom.