PART 1 - ‘ROCKY: A Wag and a Tail’ - ROCKY: HORNHOWLIE

Willow had always hoped that Rowan would become a Guardian like her, but Rowan felt that his connection with the ‘earth’ element meant that he was destined for a different path. That path came to him when he discovered a HornHowlie. He felt as if he’d found a soul mate, this Mythie was a runt that could not keep up with his family as they were migrating across Terra. He was left behind and cornered by a pack of wolves.

mythie - rocky

PART 2 - ‘Rocky: The Brave Runt’

Rowan jumped to this Mythie’s aid and without a second thought, he cast a landslide spell. The rocks collapsed and scared the wolves away. It was then that Rowan saw that this HornHowlie was hurt. This was why he couldn’t keep up with his family. Rowan carried the HornHowlie all the way home. He healed him, nurtured him, trained him and named him Rocky. That day Rowan found his true calling as Mythie Trainer and Healer. Willow saw how close Rocky and Rowan had become and had never been prouder of her son.