PART 1 - ‘Laurel of Aquaria’

Laurel is no ordinary water elf from the grand and intellectual city of Aquaria. She graduated the Aquarian Academy at the top of her class, two years ahead of everyone else! She published several papers on her discoveries, including the popular “Mage’s Guide to Crafting up a Storm”. She was pretty much a rock star in Aquaria and had incredible popularity within the city.

elf - Laurel

PART 2 - ‘Laurel: Leaving Home’

Not too long after Laurel graduated, her parents were told about the Prophecy that called Laurel to the Tree of Wisdom. At first, they were worried and didn’t want to put their daughter in danger. Laurel was so excited when her parents allowed her to leave. Laurel was not the strongest elf, nor the most charismatic, but what she lacked in brawn she made up for in brains. Laurel was determined to join the fight and to make a difference beyond her home town. She was so excited that her parents couldn’t argue and allowed her to leave.

PART 3 - ‘Laurel: The Shadow Researcher’

Laurel arrived at the Tree of Wisdom with almost an entire library of books, research papers, lab materials, and potion ingredients. However, she had forgotten all her clothes and toothbrush and had to send her Mythie Triton to fetch them for her. While many charged off to fight the Shadows, she decided to set up shop in the Hollows. She used the abandoned Cauldron for her crafting and researching purposes. Laurel rarely left the Hollows, and buried herself deep in her research and studies. Occasionally, Holly would drop in and lure her out, but Holly was really the only person that was successful in doing that. Asher often came by but Laurel couldn’t understand what he was trying to say. Whatever it was, it was making Holly laugh so she took that as a cue to laugh as well. All this seemed to make Asher sad and he would always end up walking away with his head hung low. She still thinks Asher acts a little strange, sometimes.

elf - Laurel

PART 4 - ‘Laurel: Mind over Matter’

Ever since she arrived in the Hollows, Laurel has been researching the Shadows. She collects the Shadow Cores that are dropped by Shadow Punks. She has made several discoveries about the different types of Shadow Punk and their different abilities. Her recent paper, “How to Bust a Shadow Punk” is sure to be another winner. Without Laurel, the League would have a very hard time fighting the Shadows and her knowledge is invaluable.

elf - Laurel

PART 5 - ‘Laurel: the Curious’

Laurel’s next goal is to create a spell to cast out the Shadows for good and end the fighting. But more than that, she’s curious about why Asher keeps acting strangely around her. Understanding science is one thing, but she feels that emotions are more complicated than all of her papers combined.