The Hollows

It’s hard to believe that this vibrant hot spot was once a deserted town. There are a variety of shops with everything from potion ingredients, brooms, and many more items to spice up your Mage’s look. Try out your potion crafting at the Cauldron here. You can also come here to socialize with other elves and Mages, maybe even try out your new magic items together!

The League of Mages

Learn wand casting here to become the Ultimate Mage and take on the shadows! Your stables are also located here, where you can house all your Mythies.


You will start out able to fly with the use of a broom until your Mythie is old enough and has received enough training to fly with you. You can check out all the different brooms in the Broom Closet in The Hollows. We have many different styles and they all have different abilities and speeds.


Learn to balance the magic of nature and craft incredible potions. You will obtain ingredients from your missions and blend them together in the cauldron to craft the ultimate potion and give your Mage incredible powers.


After completing a mission you will gain access to your farm and will be able to use it to farm crops in order to complete other future missions. You’ll also be able to grow food for your Mythie and make it an enchanting place full of mystical items only Terra can offer.

Take off Tower

Here is where you will learn to fly! You will first learn to fly on your broom, then once your Mythie is old enough you two will take to the skies together.

Harmony Falls

A beautiful place where you can learn about nature and explore wild fauna and flora! It’s also a great place to practice spells while surrounded by lots of trees, streams, flowers, and waterfalls. You’ll notice splotches of damaged landscape where the shadows have taken over. Although most of this area is still beautiful, be wary and cautious of looming shadows here. Your lessons in Shadow Busting and Bramble Breaking begin here!

Shadow Punks

The Shadow Punks are the frontline of the darkness and are trying to take over Terra. You must train with the rest of the League in order to stop them!

The Darkness

Something is looming over Terra but we don’t know what it is yet. We can see and fight the Shadow Punks and Brambles now, but the darkness is a great force and we know there is more to come. We need you to join up with the elves and help stop the darkness from taking over.


In order to use your wand, it needs fuel! This fuel is called Mana and you can get it from fishing in special Mana pools. Make sure you have a key in order to successfully fish.

Skytracks Racing

Challenge fellow Mages to a high speed race! Ride your broom or Mythie here and try to beat your fastest time.

The Elements

Each Mythie Elf pair has an element and they use these elements to fight agaisnt the darkness and restore the balance of nature. The elements are: light, fire, earth, wind, and metal.


Everyone is safer in numbers! Put your heads together to keep Terra safe. You can team up with other Mages to form ultimate teams, called Guilds, in order to protect Terra and defeat the shadows together.