Inside Scoop

Being a Mage is no easy feat, especially when the fate of our world is at stake! And only the power harnessed by a Mage can help keep our wondrous world of Terra safe from harm. So what exactly does it take to be a mage, you might ask?

To excel in your training at the League of Mages, you must be open minded, curious, observant, and never cower in the face of danger. These qualities are essential to learning how to balance the powerful elements found in nature and the world around us. But Magic starts from within, so it’s essential that each Mage knows comes to fully understand themselves both in-world and out. This is why your first challenge is to create your very own in-world avatar!

Once you customize the look and feel of your Mage, it’s time to bring it to life by embarking on your first adventure and meeting with Willow at the Tree of Wisdom! There, while learning about the League of Mages, you will be entrusted to carry on the mission of the Prophecy by joining with Asher and the elves to defeat the dark forces overtaking the lands by doing what you can to keep the zealous and pesky Shadow Punks and Brambles at bay. Doing this takes practice so keep an eye out as these creatures lurk throughout the lands!

But Mages do not take on the heavy weight of this challenge alone. Part of your training as a Mage includes taking on the responsibility to train and raise your very own Mythie from its early Eggling stage. The bond between a Mythie and its Madge is a lifelong friendship that is difficult to define, but one of the most important in a Mage’s life. Once you set eyes on your newly hatched pal, there will be no turning back. An unexplainable bond is instantly formed and from that moment on, you will find that there is much to do and learn from your companion before you truly master the skills of flying and own the skies.

Your Mythies will come along for the adventure as you continue your studies in crafting to master spell casting and the like. It is at the League that Mages learn about the power of the elements to understand how to balance natural energy. These lessons are the cornerstone to developing into a powerful Mage, whose powers will not be easily thwarted.

If you do not fear the uncertainty and challenges that are part of training at the League of Mages, then you are already on your way toward assuming your place as a Mage and ultimately to become a powerful force to be reckoned with. There’s no time to waste as the reach of the darkness spreads, so rise up with the elves, young Mage. You destiny awaits!