PART 1 - ‘Holly of Firecrest’

Holly is the youngest in her family of ten. Holly often felt like she didn’t stand out in such a big family, especially when her parents had to go through nine other names before they got to her’s. She loves them all dearly, but she always wanted to break free from being just another warrior elf from Firecrest.

elf - Holly

PART 2 - ‘Holly: The Shadow Buster’

The Prophecy was her saving grace. Holly was incredibly surprised that she was called on by the Prophecy. Firecrest is on an island full of strong warriors, some of whom she believes are stronger than she is, so why her? The thought only lasted for a moment before the excitement of adventure and heroism swept over her. She was going to make sure she kicked all kind of Shadow Punk butt!

PART 3 - ‘Holly: Fighting the Warrior inside’

As the other elves arrived at the Tree of Wisdom, Holly and Asher immediately flew to Harmony Falls and fought the vast number of Shadows as a team. They fought bravely, for a while. Then, Holly noticed how many Shadow Punks Asher was busting and broke away from their formation. Her competitive nature got the better of her. She charged at the Shadows busting them left and right with her Mythie Ember close by her side. Suddenly, she heard Asher calling for help and realized how far away she had ran. She rushed back as fast as she could. Although she reached Asher before any harm could be done, Holly knows that it could have been worse. She has to overcome her competitive nature and to that end, she reminds mages not to be too proud to call for backup.

elf - Holly

PART 4 - ‘Holly: The Peacekeeper’

Holly is the League’s top Shadow Buster. As she spearheads the Shadow busting operation, she patrols Harmony Falls and keeps the Shadows away from the Tree of Wisdom. Holly is charismatic, brave, and optimistic. She gets along great with everyone, even Cypress when he isn’t being too cool for school. Asher is her best friend in the League and she even steps in when Asher and Cypress are disagreeing. She finds herself playing the peacekeeper, just like at home with all her brothers and sisters.

PART 5 - ‘Holly: Lighting the Embers’

No one makes a better teammate for Holly than Ember. Holly also loves getting Laurel and Rowan to come out of their shells and have fun with the rest of the group. She is the glue that keeps everyone together during rough times. Holly will be the key to every fight with the Shadows but will she be able to put her winning obsession aside for the sake of an ultimate victory?