Health and Mana Power

The darkness has made Terra an increasingly dangerous place, and a Mage must take caution while exploring its many lands. To stay vigorous in your quests, it is very important to keep track of your health and mana levels while encountering any rogue Shadow Punks and Brambles. Keep in mind that these are two separate meters, so always make sure to monitor the correct one.

Your health levels are measured in the green bar on the top-left corner. As you try your best to defend Terra from the shadows and darkness, your health will occasionally go down as these creatures attack you. To keep yourself in top shape, prepare your voyages by purchasing healing potions and creating defense strategies to rise above these evil forces in victory!

Mana is the bar in blue underneath your health levels. This monitors your ability to fly around Terra on your handy broom and use your wand to cast spells against the Shadow Punks. As you are but a human mage, mana is incredibly important in allowing you to harness the magical powers of Terra’s natural elements. You can do this by searching for the bright mana pools scattered throughout Terra and fishing for energy sources.

The balance between health and mana is the key to becoming a strong mage in combat. These two energy levels will ensure that you are energized and well equipped in fighting against the mischievous creatures trying to threaten Terra’s natural beauty. Before joining your elf and Mythie warriors in fighting against the Shadows, always make sure to have the proper amount of healing potions and mana reserved so you can prepare for the most unexpected and chaotic of circumstances.