PART 1 - ‘Fighting for Harmony’

These beautiful lands stretch far and wide, from the waterfalls to the woods. Harmony Falls is a place where nature has thrived for thousands of years. However, when the Shadows returned, it became a partial battleground. Mages fight to protect it from the darkness. Crystals often develop here because of the rushing water. Unicorns have been known to gallop through this region and you will find many of them have left their hairs behind. It is also the only place in Terra where the wild fire flowers grow. These incredible plants have both magical properties and a tangy spicy kick to them.

PART 2 - ‘Holly’s Home’

Holly has set up her camp here. It is the perfect place for a Shadow Buster to have a tactical advantage, with her tent, targets, and a mana pool close by. Holly stays close to where the action is.

PART 3 - ‘A Secret Project’

A rumor is going around that Holly has been constructing something behind her camp. She won’t tell anyone about it until it’s close to completion. But being the League’s top Shadow buster, it’s sure to be something challenging.