Come together with all of your Mages to form your own guild to win the on-going fight against the Shadows. Make new friends and learn from other Mages to improve your skills in crafting, flying, and just about anything! So team up to become the GREATEST Mages to save Terra!

There are many ways to become apart of one of these guilds. Get started by clicking on the button with the outlines of three people in the upper right hand corner of your game at any time! Once on the Guild homepage, you can decide if you want to join or create your own Guild!

By creating your own Guild, you get to personally choose all the aspects of your Guild. First, decide how many Mage’s you want in your crew. Then, you get to choose between 40 different insignia’s to have on your Guild Crest, along with its color! Completely personalize your Guild by establishing other features such as the description for your Guild, your Guild type and size!

However, you can always choose to join a powerhouse Guild! You can look through all the established Guild’s out there to see which ones are out there and how accomplished they are! Also, you can search for Guild’s if you already made friends with some other Mage’s out there that want to take on this battle with you!

Once you have your Guild and you are ready to fight the darkness together, go out and build up your rankings! Message each other through the message boards to strategize your attacks on the darkness! By racing, fighting, and other activities throughout Terra you can win Trophies! The more Trophies you win, the more Trophies your Guild gets. You can also view the Top Guilds through the Guild Homepage. So go on out, team up with the toughest crew around and become the TOP GUILD in Terra!