PART 1 - ‘Flights of Fancy’

Since the Tree of Wisdom was first planted, elves and mages have taken to the sky with brooms and Mythies to see the world as they never have before. Great Buildings are spread all over the magical land, where the legendary fliers of Terra honed their abilities. Two of these are: Sky Tracks and the Take-Off Tower. The great mages of old honed their flying skills with new challenges, heroic Mythies and across the oceans in Take-Off Tower. Meanwhile, join the vast competitive races at Sky Tracks. Compete with friends, mages or even yourself to earn victory and someday you will be crowned the flying champion of Terra.

PART 2 - ‘Brooming up, up and away!’

Before elves flew Mythies, they found that the most incredible way to get around was through the magic of broom flight. All kinds of brooms were invented and advanced to maximize, speed, turning and acrobatics. Many brooms leave dust, sparks and beautiful trails in the sky when they fly.

PART 3 - ‘Mythie Sky High’

Mythies are the fastest and most glorious fliers in all of Terra. When they’re teenagers they learn to glide and run at full speeds, by the time they reach adulthood, they’re zipping over Terra faster than a pixie.