PART 1 - ‘Floral Fancy’ - WINDWHIPPER

Willow did not discover Flora as an Eggling. During the first great battle against the Shadows, Willow found herself alone in battle, unprepared and very much out of her element. She was surrounded by Shadow Punks. A lone WindWhipper came to her aid. Flora flew in like lightning and busted every one of those Shadows. At that moment they formed their great bond.

mythie - flora

PART 2 - ‘WindWhipper with a Cause’

Since then, Flora has patrolled and protected the Tree of Wisdom from danger. But now, with Willow becoming less and less able to fight, Flora has gone far and above her defensive duties. She even flies to Harmony Falls to bust Shadow Punks before they can even think about getting close to the Tree of Wisdom.