PART 1 - ‘Gone Fishing’

Every mage needs to master the art of catching Mana. Mana makes the magic of Terra flow, the wands filled and the brooms fast, so catching these shaky, little creatures is important. Numerous Mana Pools are scattered around Terra, each with different types to catch, and there could be new elements to discover. Also, there are many fishing spots around Terra, with a good variety of fish. Catch them to complete Job Board Quests and craft special foods.

PART 2 - ‘Wish for a Fish’

Fish provide a great food source in Terra and there are constantly requests on the Job Board for these. They are also important to crafting up recipes. There are many places you can find a quiet spot, settle down and catch all kinds of interesting fish, from Herring to Halibut.

PART 3 - ‘Mana Mage’

Mana are magical little creations that live in the mana pools of Terra. Only mana keys can be used to unlock these, but once unlocked and caught, they are used for restoring the power in your wand and even spell crafting. Mana from all elements spring up from the pools and while many mages can catch a Water mana or two, it takes a special kind of skill to catch a Light or a Metal mana.