Terra may be a secret, mythical place, but it has many of the same fundamental traditions as the world you already know. Farming and fishing are skills that have been developed over the thousands of years that Terra has existed and continue to be learned by the young Mages every day. Farming will play a substantial role for not only your Mage, but your Mythie, as well. In order for your Mythie to thrive, you’ll need to feed it with these crops. Crops are also essential in your Mage’s potions and crafting advancement. When you’re ready and have completed the necessary mission, stop by your Farm and start planting some crops.

At your Farm, you will see it comes with its own challenges but in the end will teach your Mage worthwhile skills. In order to be successful, you will need to establish time management skills. The art of budgeting your time between training your Mythie, completing missions, advancing your own expertise, and farming is valuable but difficult. Work hard to develop techniques in balancing these aspects of life and you will be deeply rewarded in both your tasks and the fields.

When your Mage is ready to start tending to crops, find some plots of land that you want to use. When the soil is ready, select those plots and plant your seeds. The time you must wait until your crop is fully grown will vary, depending on the seeds you have planted. Don’t leave for too long though, if you leave the grown crops unharvested for a long time you could lose them. Make sure you have a strategy before planting your seeds.

A smart way to wait for your crops without venturing too far is by fishing. While there is both freshwater fishing and Mana fishing, within your Farm is the only place where you can catch freshwater fish in Terra. However, you will also need to go explore to fish for Mana. Mana can be used to regenerate both your broom and wand, attain the Mana key and start fishing. Go put your Mage to the test and complete your mission so you can show off your talents in the fields of your Farm!