PART 1 - ‘Ember: Found in Fire’

In Firecrest, each warrior must go through a rite of passage to claim the Eggling that they will bond with, and Holly was no different. She had to walk up the great volcano and step inside the boiling hot crater to find her Eggling. However, by the time it was her turn to do so, most of the Egglings that were close to the surface were already taken. She had to go deep into the volcano, where the heat was almost unbearable. But she found her Eggling, and when it hatched, she named the LavaPup “Ember”.

mythie - ember

PART 2 - ‘Ember: Flaw turned Strength’

As the years passed, Holly became very competitive and self-critical. She worked at her target practice every day. One day she became so frustrated at missing the final target that she threw her wand away and stormed off. She sat alone and cried in frustration until Ember crept up. She had the wand in her mouth. Holly smiled, wiped her tears and she managed to hit all the targets at the very next attempt.