In order to save Terra from the darkness, the elves will teach you what it takes to harness the different elements and balance the powers of nature. Each elf is born with a different element and draws from that element when performing magic.

The different elements are air, metal, water, earth, fire, and light. Each element is extremely valuable and serves an incredible purpose when performing magic.

Each elf and Mythies represents an element that plays a major role in their discovery of magic.

  • Air- This element represents Willow and the Mythie Flora. Those who have this element have intelligent minds that have a free range of imagination. This element is helpful in not only crafting, by cleverly getting through the many obstacles that stand in the way of protecting Terra.
  • Metal- This element represents Cypress and the Mythie Blade. This element displays ambition, persistence, and strength. Metal will give a Mage drive to win in the battle against the Shadows.
  • Water- This element represents Laurel. Those who have the water element are caring and gentle. Without water nothing will live. Those who have this element are true Mages that are brave and ready for combat.
  • Earth - This element represents Rowan and the Mythie Rocky. Having great knowledge and wisdom comes from obtaining this element. This element will help any mange to avoid getting into tough situations.
  • Fire- This element represents Holly and the Mythie Ember. The characteristics from this element are power, creativity, and care. This element will play a part in crafting spells to get a great hold of the magic that lingers within Terra.
  • Light- This element represents Asher and the Mythie Dawn. Those who posses light have the ability to fight to get rid of all evil. They devote their lives to reach peace within anything that is disturbed. This is an essential element that is needed to defeat the evil Shadows in Terra.

The use of all of these elements will only show in fierce warriors in battle to help their Mages save Terra.