PART 1 - ‘New Dawn’ - BRIGHTMARE

Asher’s BrightMare Mythie, Dawn, is his closest companion. He can always count on her and even though she’s quite rebellious, he feels that she understands him completely. Like Asher, she is loyal, friendly, and protective of those that she loves.

mythie - Fawn

PART 2 - ‘Dawn Rises’

Asher and Dawn were together in the farm since they were born and hatched. They played together, worked together, and adventured together. But Asher was always nervous about taking that first step outside his home. So he mounted Dawn and they stood for a while on the edge of a cliff. The clouds lay below and Asher felt nervous. He was about to step back when Dawn took that step and leaped down into the unknown. Asher held on and the two flew together, navigating through the trees and rocks together. Whenever Asher couldn’t see, Dawn was his eyes and whenever Dawn flew too fast, Asher pulled her back. They formed the strongest of bonds in all of Terra.