For years, the world of Terra has been a safe retreat for all people and creatures with pure hearts and an endless imagination… That is, until a mysterious darkness came lurking into its furthest stretches. Now, the vibrant characters and environment are under attack by a group of dark creatures known as the Shadows. From the impish Shadow Punks to the thorny Brambles, the darkness has recruited a troop of evildoers that show no mercy towards the citizens of Terra.

Just what is this darkness? No one knows. Not even Willow, the oldest and wisest elf of Terra, can get to the bottom of how this darkness even entered Terra. Its forces move slowly, but they are causing widespread damage to the delicate balance of nature in this magical community. The small band of elves and Mythies need your help to battle the frontlines of darkness and find out what is hiding beneath the shadows.

How can you join this team of Terra’s residents in defending against the darkness? Meet Asher outside the portal to Terra. If you can see this passageway, your heart is filled with the creativity and kindness to help unite the elements in the fight against these mysterious enemies. Once you enter Terra, bring out the best qualities in these mystical folk by training their Mythies to learn magical powers to fight off the darkness.