PART 1 - ‘Cypress of Sootville’

Deep underground in the metal city of Sootville there was a King and his son, Cypress. The King of Sootville wasn’t the nicest or most modest elf in Terra, so it came as no surprise that Cypress inherited some of his arrogance.

elf - Cypress

PART 2 - ‘Cypress: The Prince and a Poor Son’

Cypress had it all growing up. Anything he wanted was just a finger snap away. As soon as he could walk, Cypress was taught magic, crafting, and metalworking. By the age of thirteen, he was nearly considered a master of all the elven arts. That wasn’t enough for the King. Cypress’ father demanded too much of his son. Now, Cypress is still considered a disappointment to him and he rarely pays him any attention.

elf - Cypress

PART 3 - ‘Cypress: Prejudiced Pride’

It was the best day ever for Cypress when news of the Prophecy reached Sootville. He read the message, stating that a young elf would lead Terra to victory. The excitement grew on Cypress’ face because he knew it just had to be him. Finally, he would get his father’s approval and praise, which he had craved for so many years. He would be Cypress, the Savior of Terra! But it did not come to pass. Cypress was not the Chosen One. He would be an ally to that elf. An ally? But he was the Prince of Sootville! Who could be greater than the Prince of Sootville?

elf - Cypress

PART 4 - ‘Cypress: Iron-Willed’

Cypress caused trouble the moment he arrived at the Tree of Wisdom. He constantly undermined Asher and tried to convince people to follow his own plans. He still firmly believes that he should be the leader. If one of Asher’s plans fail, Cypress will be the first to step in and try to take it for himself. More often than not, Cypress’ own plans never succeed but he won’t give up. Cypress is a generous elf. Even when he doesn’t see the solution himself, he will still contribute. More than that, he loves humans and often takes trips to Earth realm for a quick meal and to check on the awesome music. Still, he often teases Laurel for her bookishness, dismisses Willow as kooky, pushes Rowan to be more outspoken, and he gets in the way of Holly’s Shadow busting. But he is also clever and resourceful. He often comes up with creative ways to overcome a problem.

PART 5 - ‘Cypress: A Rebel with Blade’

Cypress has not formed many close bonds within the League of Mages. He is a rebel and an outsider who prefers to do things on his own. His only ally is his StingWing Mythie, Blade, who remains the most loyal of Mythies. The two tend to do their own Shadow busting and are actually quite good at it. They make a perfect team. Cypress means well and always has, despite his flaws. Someday, if he manages to overcome his own pride, it could mean victory for Terra.