Asher and Dawn

Back home in Lumindale a young Asher stumbled across a heard of Brightmares. One Brightmare ran up to Asher and tried to play with him. Ever since that day Asher constantly ran into the Brightmare, as if it was following him! Asher eventually adopted it and named it Dawn and the two have been inseparable ever since.

Dawn and Asher work incredibly well together and their bond has continued to grow through their time spent together at the Tree. They are both defenders of the light element, and both have an innate duty to defend Terra from the darkness. Training Dawn has come very naturally to Asher given their very similar personalities. They are both bold and have intelligence and will power on the battlefield.

Asher seeks solace in Dawn since Dawn never pressures him about his duties as the chosen one. Asher is always at ease with Dawn and they are the ultimate pair both on and off the battle field.