elf - Asher

PART 1 - ‘Asher of Lumindale’

Asher was born and raised in the elven village of Lumindale, a small farming community located high above the cloud layer. It is the home of the light element and the elves who live there are a humble, hardworking race that live off the land. Asher is just that: an average elf, not exceptionally strong, nor intelligent, but he has a big heart and is a friend to everyone.

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PART 2 - ‘Asher: the Chosen One’

However, everything changed for Asher after the Shadows invaded. Asher was summoned to the Tree of Wisdom where he found out that the Prophecy of Harmony spoke of a young elf, a Chosen One, who would lead Terra to victory against the Shadows. He was that Chosen One. Willow fully believes in that Prophecy, although Asher does not believe himself to be the chosen leader.

PART 3 - ‘Asher: Leader of the League of Mages’

Despite his self-doubt, Asher reluctantly stepped into the role as the leader of the League of Mages, a team united to defeat the Shadows and bring peace back to Terra. Asher made his first major decision as leader. He strongly believed that the League would not be able to defeat the Shadows without humans. Willow was unsure about this but she had faith in Asher and so the League grew in numbers.

elf - Asher

PART 4 - ‘Asher: a story of Love and Hate’

Asher works very hard and doesn’t want to disappoint anyone. He is fully respected by almost everyone in the League. His major rival is Cypress, who believes that he should have been chosen as leader of the League. However, Asher has quickly become good friends with Holly, his second-in-command and the League’s top Shadow Buster. Also, Rowan is a close ally. He often goes to him for advice when he is having doubts about himself. Finally, then there is Laurel. Asher has a massive crush on her and gets nervous every time they talk. She thinks he’s just being weird.

PART 5 - ‘Asher: Dawn of the BrightMare’

His BrightMare Mythie, Dawn, is his closest companion. He can always count on her and even though she’s quite rebellious, he feels that she understands him completely. Like Asher, she is loyal, friendly, and protective of those that she loves. Asher wants to bring peace back to Terra, relief from the heavy burden of leader, and to protect his home but will he be able to overcome his own insecurity and become the leader Willow believes him to be?