Magic and Mythies: Game Info

Asher's Note

Asher is calling all Mages! As the leader of Terra, he is looking for Mages like YOU to help defend against the Darkness. Find out what he is looking for and dive into this magical world.

The Magical Realm of Terra

Terra is the magical realm where Mythies and Elves thrive! Find the hidden secrets within waterfalls and eerie caves, other friendly Mages, and a placed ruled by magic!

Craft Your Own Spells

Every Mage needs the essentials to fight Darkness. Learn what you can brew up to help overcome the pesky Shadow Punks or the reaches of the Brambles.

Shadow Busting

Learn the ways of the Elves and their Shadow Busting abilities. Shadow Busting and Bramble Breaking are the must-know necessities if you want to the defeat the Darkness.

Mythie Racing

Discover how you can go head-to-head with other Mages and see who is the fastest racer around! Plus, learn the ins and outs on some of the toughest tracks!