Kids Submissions at JumpStart


Q: What do cows use to calculate?
- Jake TwistyDragon
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Q: What is a parrot’s favorite game?
- Vanessa SweatHeart
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Hide & Speak!

Q: I have a head and a tail, but I have no legs. What am I?
- Angelina SweetJewel
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A quarter.

- Ashley Panda

Once upon a time, Ashley Panda was wandering around. Then a mystic portal appeared at her feet!

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- Alex RainbowPanda

I like Panda Bears! They live in China. They eat bamboo and have cubs. When the cubs are first born they are pink!

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- Elizabeth RubyFox

Danielle RainbowFox was at Adventure Land when she saw a giant ride! She looked at it for a long time.

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"I have a membership now yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
- Rebecca FireMeadow

That is great news Rebecca FireMeadow! Make sure to check out the Enchanted Sanctuary to hatch and start raising your Mythie and do not forget to go for a spin on the Bumper Cars in Coney Island. There is so much fun that awaits!
- Frankie
"I got my swim tail last year!!!!! And also, thank you very much for inventing Jumpstart!!!"
- Gracie PixieMeadow

Congratulations on getting your swim tail Gracie PixieMeadow! My friends in MarineLand and I would like to thank you for all your help in keeping the underwater residents of MarineLand safe from the destructive punk punks!
- Frankie
"I think Alex Madagascar is funny especially in the first movie. "
- Jeffrey SillyHeart

I agree Jeffrey SillyHeart! Alex can always bring a good laugh. Make sure to visit Alex and all his Madagascar friends at the Zoo in Central Park.
- Frankie
"That awkward moment when you're photo bombed by the flying newspaper."
- Teresa StrongCheetah

The flying newspaper wanted to be in the picture just as much as you did Teresa StrongCheetah! I would love to see how the picture came out! Best of luck on all your future adventures and photobombs.
- Frankie

Q: How do I go through the tunnel with the cars in it in Central Park?
- Submitted by: Kevin IronWing
Q: Where is the light house?
- Submitted by: Sam RainbowCheetah
Q: How does a Mythie sleep?
- Submitted by: David WonderEagle


Q: Why couldn’t the pirates play cards?

- Submitted by: Abby IceCheetah

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"Have fun go to the zoo!"

- Submitted by: Stephanie GoofyToe

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Jumpee Questions

What is the surprise box?

- Submitted by: Kate FireMonkey

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Ella always loved art and was excited about going to The Art Studio.

- Submitted by: Alexis Kitty

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