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The Typing Girl

Once there was this girl named Alissa. Alissa liked to ask for stuff. She would type to her teacher about what she wanted to have in the classroom. One day Alissa asked to be the teacher. The next day she entered the room and had to be the teacher! But it was hard. She had to teach the class, but didn't know how. She didn't know when to bring them to lunch! That night, she asked the teacher if she can be a student again. The next day she was learning not teaching and she was happy!

- Submitted by: Taylor SwiftMask

Photobomb of the Week - Windy Hollows

The Girl With Curly Hair

Once upon a time, there was a girl, named Mallory. Mallory had very, very, very curly hair and she HATED it. It was always in the way, and it wasn't the style then. She tried, and tried, and TRIED to straighten her hair, but it just wouldn't let her! At school, all the girls had straight hair. Mallory was very frustrated that she could do nothing with her hair. That night, at dinner, Mallory told her mom how much she did not like her curly hair. But her mother told Mallory that her hair was unique and that every girl would love to have hair like hers. But It sure didn't seem like it to Mallory. "It just isn't fair!" She told her mother. But before Mallory went to bed that night, she thought to herself, "I guess my mother is right. I'll love my hair the way it is." The next day at school, Mallory saw that wherever she looked around, every girl was looking at her hair as if they loved it! Everyone ended up loving her hair.

- Submitted by: Brooke Fox

Photobomb of the Week - Times Square

How to Make Friends

If you want to make a friend, you have to be nice to people so they will trust you. You can give things to people, play with them when they are lonely, or you can say nice things to them. They will want to be your friend after that. Sometimes you have to try harder than talking, giving presents, or playing, but soon enough, you will have a friend. Then u can have fun all you want with your friend. If you follow these rules over and over again, you might get a lot of friends, a lot of presents, fun, and you will have to give a lot of presents too! Good luck with your friends!

- Submitted by: Lily GoldenHeart

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