Winter Fashion Trends

With winter in full swing, most parents are concerned about keeping their kids warm and healthy. However, varying climates and weather conditions can prove to be formidable foes to concerned parents hoping to protect their kids from these harsh elements. With a seemingly endless supply of clothing items varying in material, style, and functionality, choosing the right clothes can be a stressful endeavor. When searching for the right winter outfits for your kids, keep an eye out for versatile material that can be useful in multiple weather conditions.

Experts recommend dressing in thin, breathable, non-absorbent layers, rather than throwing on a heavy jacket. This helps when your kids are running around outside, playing enthusiastically in the cold winter air; when they get too hot, they can just peel a couple of layers off. Silk is an excellent base layer as it is tightly woven and insulates heat well. While it seals in warmth, it is also breathable, making it comfortable in both cold and hot temperatures. Another versatile material is flannel, which is traditionally made of wool or cotton. However, flannel can also be made with synthetic materials that help keep the wearer warm in cold environments, without getting uncomfortably warm when indoors. Flannel is appealing not only for its utility, but also for its stylistic diversity; flannel can be found in the form of shirts, pants, and as lining for pants and jackets.

Parents looking for a tried-and-true material need look no further than wool. While wool has the reputation of being bulky, heavy, and scratchy, you can find wool clothing that is blended with other textiles like polyester for a lighter, softer feel. In addition to keeping its wearer warm, wool stays dry and pulls moisture away from the body to help insulate heat. These qualities make wool good for coats, sweaters, hats, scarves, and mittens, and it means that wool is particularly appropriate for boisterous, playful children who love the rain and snow.

For those who are trying to avoid animal by-products, fleece is an excellent alternative. Fleece acts as man-made wool because it is water repellant and very warm. It is also extremely soft and flexible, allowing it to be made into a variety of items like scarves, hats, pants, and gloves.

Having a better understanding of the various textiles that are available will make clothing your young ones easier, regardless of the weather conditions your family faces. Clothing your children does not need to be a difficult task, and with a better sense of which clothes are best for various situations, this holiday season will be warm and cozy no matter how frightful the weather is outside.

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