What You Need to Know to Help Your Child Feel Better When Sick

Admit it – staying confined to bed with a cold or flu is childhood memory that most of us would be happy to forget. If you ever happened to break a limb or come down with a major illness, nobody knows the pain of being cooped up at home, better than you. Medical conditions, be it an illness or an injury, can be stressful for anyone, and children are even more susceptible to feeling the brunt of it as they usually have less of an understanding of what is happening to their bodies. Unfortunately, being sick is an unavoidable part of childhood and worrying about your child’s condition is just a part of being a parent. Fortunately, though, there are a number of things you can do to help your child get better.

Try the following time-tested ideas to help your ailing child feel better. As your child makes a steady run on the path to recovery, you might be surprised how uplifting a few of these helpful tips can be:

Help Your Child Feel Better When Sick
"too much change, sea sick baby needs love" by celinecelines is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

3 Best Tips to Help Your Child Feel Better When Sick

  • Stay Hydrated and Fed –As kids grow up, it becomes increasingly difficult to monitor everything they eat. Hence, it is more important to ingrain in them from an early age what exactly a good diet entails. Read up more about balancing your family’s nutrition to see if you have been overlooking some aspects of a well-rounded diet and find inventive ways of including them in your life. For example, a good diet doesn’t only mean eating good food. It also means eating regularly throughout the day as opposed to eating 2 or 3 heavy meals. Make sure your child knows it’s important to eat and stay hydrated when sick.
  • Rest and Sleep – Good sleep is imperative to good health. It is important to ensure we are well rested and are able to sleep sound at night, more so in times of a medical condition. Lack of sleep can both induce ill-health as well as aggravate an already existing condition. Remember, sleep requirements differ from person to person. You can use the following tips to ensure good night’s sleep

-    No stimulants (tea, coffee, etc.) before bed-time
-    No napping in the afternoon
-    No other activity lying on the bed (like watching TV, chatting, etc.) other than sleeping
-    Enough exercise (not for kids who are already unwell)

  • Get Support – While being self-reliant is indeed a commendable trait, sometimes the best way to deal with a problem is to seek support. For a child, a simple hug or a few hours of company can be just the right amount of comfort they need to push through a sickness of injury. If you’re not immediately available to them, be sure to equip your kids with an emergency contact list of friends or family members that might be able to help them in moments of distress. Additionally, when confined to bed for too long, social visits can be a major morale booster.


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