Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Men – Give him What he Really Wants

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Men – Give him What he Really Wants

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Men – Give him What he Really Wants

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Valentine’s Day has traditionally been about chocolates, gifts and expensive dinners. So when you hunt for that perfect gift for your Valentine’s Day date night, try to think beyond clichéd greeting cards and boxes of chocolates. Let’s face it – men may be diehard romantics, but they just aren’t into mush. Here are a few good (and pocket-friendly) Valentine’s Day gift ideas to make your man drool. After all, the love of your life deserves the best you can give!

Top Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Men

1. For the tech geek

If he loves gadgets, a trendy smart watch is bound to make a hit. Smart watches are expensive toys but they are highly functional too. They offer a lot of the same functions that a tablet does, but are smaller and sleeker than tabs. They let you send emails, texts, Facebook messages and listen to music among other things. Gift a smart watch to your significant other this Valentine’s Day and he’ll never buy a normal watch again!

2. For the coffee snob

Here’s how to make the caffeine fiend in your life love you forever and a day – gift him a Blue Crow Media-designed specialty coffee map (London, Paris, New York) featuring haute coffee emporia so he can plan the coffee crawl of his dreams. Throw in a DIY voucher for coffee at places of his choosing and he’ll be off on a caffeine-fuelled adventure before you can say “java!”

3. For the whiskey lover 

If your guy is a connoisseur of whiskey, making him happy this Valentine’s Day is easy! You know how he hates watered-down whiskey, so gift him an awesome alternative to ice – whiskey stones are these little soapstone cubes that you freeze for a couple of hours and pop into your single malt. They chill your drink without altering the taste because they have no flavor of their own. Now you know what to get your man for Valentine’s Day!

4. For the chef

A man who loves to cook can’t have too many kitchen accessories – the more stylish the kitchen equipment the better. Valentine’s Day is a great time to tell him how much you love his cooking, err … him. Get him a cool digital BBQ thermometer so he can show off his culinary skills next time you organize a barbecue. As every cook knows – safe and optimum temperatures make your food tender, juicy and flavorsome. BBQ thermometers are therefore as essential as forks and knives to the serious cook. Just gift him one this Valentine’s Day and watch him whip up some delicious chow!


And don’t worry if you can’t afford an expensive Valentine’s Day gift for him. As they say, “It’s the thought that counts!”

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