Unique Winter Meals in a Jiffy

What’s better than a piping hot meal on a cold day? A pretty looking hot meal that is delicious and healthy to boot! Sounds like a tall order? Luckily enough, it isn’t. This winter, we help you merge your creative skills with your culinary ones and come up with meals that will wow everyone in the family. We give you ideas that your family will love and will make you look like quite the master chef, without having to slave away in the kitchen for hours. From hearty breakfasts to easy lunches and comforting dinners, we have ideas to keep each member of the family pleased and full, all through winter.


  1. Sunshine Muffins
  2. Any discussion about comforting, filling, and scrumptious breakfast ideas can never be complete without a mention of muffins. Here, we are talking about not just any muffin but one that has the goodness of apples, raisins, carrots and walnuts, all rolled into one. Now that’s a wholesome breakfast idea at its best! What’s more, it can double up as a snack too! And it is pretty easy to make. Prepare it how you would make your regular muffin and add the extra ingredients to the batter before it’s poured into molds.

  3. Fluffy Toast
  4. This one is an old favorite with a new twist! The eternal breakfast choice, French toast, gets a makeover and transforms into its spiced, fluffy avatar. Take your favorite French toast recipe, add in a dash of flour, and a little cinnamon and there you have it, the new breakfast choice. Whip up this simple recipe in the morning and let your family wake up to a house that smells deliciously good!  Just what you need on a cold, winter morning!


  1. Pasta Chili
  2. What happens when a Mexican and an Italian come together? Magic that goes by the name of Pasta Chili! Give the usual pasta sauces a break and infuse some Mexican flavors into the dish. Onions, bell peppers, canned chili and beans come together to make this unique sauce that is a riot of colors and flavors. This one is definitely not to be missed.

  3. Flavored Bread
  4. Tired of the usual store bought bread? You are not alone. However, a few additions here and there and voila! You have the star of your show. Get some corn bread mix and combine it with eggs, onions, diced veggies of your choice, butter and cottage cheese and bake it in a pre-heated oven. Guaranteed to transform any dish you serve it with.


  1. Dandy Caramel Macaroni
  2. We have all been fans of tomato and cheese macaroni at some point in our lives. And if you are anything like me, you still crave for a steaming bowl of tomato and cheese macaroni every time the weather gets nippy. This dish, in my book, is yummy, gooey, cheesy comfort food at its very best and can singlehandedly satisfy the taste buds of everyone in the family. How do you make this perfect recipe even better? By adding caramelized potato, rosemary and garlic to it. Top it off with blue cheese crumble for true blue decadence!

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