Tried and True Holiday Traditions

The holiday season is celebrated with an endless number of traditions. There are families all across the globe that gather together to celebrate this special time of year with their time-honored customs and unique events. What kinds of holiday activities does your family like to take part in each year? If you and your family want to try out some interactive and festive traditions, here are some ideas:

Holiday Sweater Contests: At your next gathering, encourage your guests to arrive in fun and festive holiday sweaters. Get your friends involved in a little friendly competition by holding a contest to see which sweater is the “Most Festive,” “Funniest,” “Most Creative,” or “Best Overall.” Also, you might want to consider taking a silly photo wearing your sweaters. You could use that photo as a homemade holiday card to send to family and friends.

Kids’ Christmas Costumes: Make the holidays extra fun by dressing up your kids as elves, decorated trees, presents, or even one of Santa’s reindeer. Giving your kids roles such as these at your next holiday party will definitely make the season memorable. If you have the extra time, consider making homemade costumes with your little ones. Just patch together a little felt and a whole lot of imagination.

Holiday Costume Contests: Like the holiday sweater contest mentioned above, friendly competitions like these can really help get kids and adults into the holiday spirit. Create categories like “Best Santa” or “Cutest Elf,” to get your holiday guests excited about the season.

Holiday Plays: Whether it is the story of Frosty the Snowman or the Christmas Star, there are so many great Christmas stories to be told this time of the year. To teach your kids about the different meanings of Christmas and the holiday season, have them dress up to create small plays or reenactments of their favorite tales.

Celebrate with Santa Claus: What is Christmas without the big man himself? Santa Claus can pay a visit to your kids, just as long as you can convince an adult to don a white beard and red suit. Your kids will have an unforgettable Christmas experience as they interact with Santa, telling him what they want for Christmas. Personalized experiences like these can really set your Christmas celebration apart.

Caroling in the Neighborhood: Spread some holiday cheer by going around your neighborhood and singing your favorite Christmas songs. You can make this into a family event; dress your family up in warm clothes, pack your song lyrics, and walk around the neighborhood with some festive tunes. Join with other families around the block and maybe you can make this musical occasion a yearly event that can be fun for everyone.

Try out some of these terrific holiday traditions this Christmas. With the many fun and creative things to do with your loved ones this time of the year, all it takes is a few innovative ideas, a little bit of imagination, and some holiday enthusiasm to ensure a great time for everyone!

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