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Have you been bitten by the travel bug and longed to travel the world? Or do you simply want to explore some new cities? Whether it is a small jaunt or long expedition, planning your travel is as important as preparing for a crucial examination.

Even if you love being spontaneous, imagine wasting time at your destination thinking of what to do next! Planning and basic travel organization is almost as important as the trip itself. For some, it can be almost as equally enjoyable and exciting.

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JumpStart’s Travel Organization Tips

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No matter how early you may begin to plan your trip, don’t be surprised if you find yourself remembering things at the last minute. Stop cramming things into your backpack, and instead use some of out favorite travel organization tips to help ease your journey and make it a memorable one!

  1. Checklist

    Jotting down a checklist is probably the most predictable first step to organizing your next trip, but it is still highly underrated step by most. Making a checklist of everything that you need to carry and all the important things that you need to do ensures that your day to day travels are as efficient as possible. When it comes to travel organization, you will want to spend sufficient time on research. For tech-savvy gadget friendly travelers, there are a plethora of apps and tools that will help you make notes that are available to you. But if there’s nothing like old-school pen and paper for you, then sit down and start jotting!

    Your travel checklist is the foundation of all the planning and organizing that goes into your travel itinerary. Make a note of everything you can think of – what to pack, what you need to book, essentials you want to carry, all important documents, etc.

  2. Bookings and Reservations

    Thinking ahead is a major step when it comes to travel organization, which is why advanced bookings and reservations are key to a well planned trip. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind when you begin your bookings:

    • The first thing to decide is mode of transportation. This depends largely on the destination, of course. If you are taking the car, you do not need to worry about tickets. But if you are taking a flight, book your tickets well in advance. If you are traveling during the holiday season, consider the fact that it will most likely be peak travel time and there may be many tourists. It is, therefore, safer to book your flights early to ensure you do not have to change your travel dates due to non-availability of tickets.
    • The next important item to address when it comes to travel organization is the hotel. Decide on your travel budget and book a hotel of your choice in advance. There are many websites that let you compare hotel prices and offer reviews to help you zero in on a hotel of your choice. Once you have made your decision, book the rooms. Do make note of their cancellation rules in case you need to cancel due to any unforeseen emergencies.
    • Not many people realize the importance of booking travel activities in advance. For example, if you are off to a place where an Underwater Sea Walk is a popular tourist attraction, you might consider booking an appointment before you go on your trip. Also consider the option of making reservations at popular restaurants that are known to keep people on long waiting lists. You certainly don’t want to go all the way and realize they have no table for you!
  3. Itinerary

    What, where, when, how – an itinerary must answer all of this when it comes to travel organization. Most travelers swear by well-planned itineraries.

    There are many advantages of planning a schedule to follow during your trip. It helps you ensure you have added all must-see and must-do activities on your list and waste less time during the trip in planning what you want to do. It keeps you armed and ready with all the important information about your destination – its local culture, cuisine, best restaurants, most-visited and popular tourist spots, must-do activities, etc.

    So get cracking and get that itinerary ready!

    Note: Keep close family members/friends who are not accompanying you on the trip informed of your plans. This plays in important role in case of emergencies.

  4. The All-Important Travel Folder

    Getting caught in a different country without your passport and other important documents is probably every traveler’s most terrifying nightmare! Before you begin packing for the trip, putting together this folder should be your first step toward mastering basic travel organization.

    Passport, passport copies, all visa-related documents, all necessary permission documents, flight tickets, and hotel booking slips – everything goes into this folder. But that’s not all. Make sure that you make copies of all these documents and keep it safe in a different bag, in case you misplace your travel folder. Go one step ahead and leave copies with family member or friends back home. You can never be too sure!

  5. Packing

    In terms of travel organization, it’s always a tussle between what to pack and what to leave out, isn’t it? Suddenly, everything seems important! If you find yourself in a fix, trying to decide what you need to carry with you and what you can leave behind, then here are a few helpful travel tips for you.

    • Always pack light. It’s easier to manage if and when you need to lug it around. Also, many airlines have a limit to how much you can carry. For the additional kilos that you have, you will be charged extra. So, save on those bucks and remember that you want to keep it light.
    • Since packing light is the objective, a good idea is to take clothing you can wear in layers. This way, you can easily switch between indoor and outdoor venues, warm and cold climates. Carry an extra bag and a few Ziploc bags. The extra bag will come in handy to pack in all the things you have bought during your holiday. The Ziploc bags are great for keeping away soiled clothes or other things you want to keep separate – leaky shampoo bottles, for instance.
    • If you are traveling to a place that’s cold and you need to carry jackets, a useful travel organization tip for you to wear that on your journey. This way, you’ll save on a few kilos in your luggage.
  6. Cash and Kind

    If you are traveling to a different country, carry various denominations of the currency in question. As a helpful travel tip, make sure that you do not depend solely on your card and always carry enough cash for emergencies. Find out before hand where you will get the best value for converting currency. In some places, converting money at the airport once you land in your destination is ideal. For other places, it is better to carry the right currency with you before you land. To help with travel organization, do your research ahead of time to assure that you make well-informed decisions on your trip.

  7. Organizing the Home

    The anticipation of an impending trip can be quite exciting! But before you set off, there are things you need to organize at home. If nobody’s going to be home in your absence, you need to inform neighbors you trust about your travel dates. Your daily morning newspaper agency needs to know that you will not require the paper during your travel duration. Any other deliveries you expect need to be taken care of. Make sure all loose ends are tied before you set off to explore new territories and create new memories!

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Globetrotting can be a lot of fun! Use these travel organization tips to have a hassle-free holiday and enjoy some extraordinary experiences.

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