Top Winter Trends for Kids’ Fashion

As much as it is about learning, school for kids is also about having fun and socialization. With the amount of time a child spends in school each day, it is only fair to expect them to want to make a little bit of a statement in how they express themselves around their peers. As they get older, you might find that your kids are adding a little detail here; bringing in a splash of color there. While staying on budget might be one of your top priorities, you should help your kids find school fashions that are on trend but also fit their unique personalities. So, before you reach for last year’s winter wear, take a moment to look at the top winter trends for kids’ fashion. What can you keep from last year and what might you need to get new this year? You are just about to find out!

What to Keep:

Leggings were big last winter, just like they are this year. If your child has them in neutrals like black and navy blue or in nice prints, get them out and ready for another season. Jeggings in solid colors or prints are a great option for a fun look that is also functional in keeping warm!

Loose cardigans spell comfort. What better than these top trend items for the chilly months ahead? And if your kids have long coats or outerwear, they already have one of the top winter staples for this year in their closet!

Boots and winters go hand in hand. Everybody at home probably owns a pair or two already. Get them out of their hiding places because it is that time of the year when your sturdy leather companions will get to see the light of day again. Tan and black hues are classic and foolproof.

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Make kids comfortable with a cozy winter boots

Celebrities love them and so do the friendly, neighborhood kids. Your kids probably have them in different colors. Look behind the sofa or in the socks drawer if you can’t find them in their original place; they are bound to be lying around somewhere. What are we talking about? Beanies! Oversized ones to more fitted looks, beanies help everyone retain a little heat while looking festive and fashionable.

What You Need to Buy:

Animal Prints – Whether it is a leopard-print shirt collar showing from underneath a sweater or a zebra-print dress, animal prints are big this season. If your kids are not comfortable about wearing them on their clothes, get them to embrace the trend through animal-print accessories like scarves, leggings, belts, boots, etc. Make sure not to go overboard as this trend can easily begin to look tacky, if one isn’t careful.

Graphic Prints – Patterns like Skull prints are the hot favorites this season. Both boys and girls can sport this trend too. From sweatshirts to shoes, interesting patterns are cute on almost anything. Look for unusual patterns like skulls with roses around them or skulls with bows for more fun.

Geek Alert – Being nerdy might have been a no-no when you were in school but these days, they are all the rage for both guys and girls in school! From over-sized glasses to loose grey cardigans that look homemade to vintage headgear, geek chic is one of the major winter fashion trends for kids.

Skirts – Who says skirts are only meant to be summer wardrobe staples? Your kids are bound to look super cute wearing skirts with thick tights underneath and a colorful cardigan (or two) on top.

Jewel Tone – Winter is dreary already; don’t let it bring you down further by sticking to greys, blacks, and browns alone. Make jewel tone clothing a part of your kid’s winter wardrobe essentials. Think precious stones like emeralds, sapphires, and rubies for inspiration. Even little boys can embrace the trend as easily as their female counterparts.

Velvet & Tweed – These regal looking fabrics are best worn in winters so go ahead and make them a part of your kid’s winter wardrobe 2013 to help them stand out!

Embrace one of the many top trends for kids’ fashion listed above to make going to school this winter an enjoyable experience.

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