Top Television Programs for Kids

Watching television does not need to include having your kids mindlessly stare at a screen. With today’s media, there is a range of options available that is depended upon what parents, like you, might be looking for in a program. From educational content to shows that cater to a family with kids of various ages, here is a list of some of the most engaging and family-friendly programming for kids.

Top TV Programs for Kids
Top TV Programs for Kids

Educational Content

Young kids learn through a variety of styles and have the ability to soak up information and new ideas at an unrivaled speed. Before they are able to fully master communication skills, they naturally pick up information and social cues from the simple act of observation. For that very reason, some studies show that turning educational programs on television in your home can enhance your kid’s comprehension, literacy, and basic socialization skills.

  • Sesame Street (PBS): A classic children’s television show that premiered in the late 1960s. Sesame Street combines real world actors and sets with the magical wonder of puppets. Many characters from the show have become household names. This helps to teach generations of children various concepts from identifying shapes and colors to understanding the importance of sharing.
  • Mickey Mouse Club House (Disney): Designed to engage the minds of preschoolers and early learners, the Mickey Mouse Club House invites kids to learn along with world renowned friends like Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, Pluto and of course Minnie and Mickey Mouse!
  • The Backyardigans (Nickelodeon): A show about a group of friends who uses their imagination to embark on exciting adventures from the comforts of their very own backyard. This animated series is a big hit amongst the kids, due to its engaging music. It is also popular amongst the parents, as it helps to introduce early learners to an expansive set of sounds from around the globe.
  • Sid the Science Kid (PBS): Since the show initially premièred about 5 years ago, Sid the Science kid has accompanied many kids through a number of exciting adventures in learning. This show encourages young learners to be inquisitive and be able to find the fun in any topic in which children struggles through. Introducing kids to complex topics, such as science content, while they are still young can provide the basic foundations to a strong understanding of the subject.
  • Dora the Explorer (Nickelodeon): This long running series has spawned a successful spin off, called “Go, Diego, Go!” and also a wide selection of children’s products. Being one of the leaders in developing interactive learning programs for preschoolers, kids are invited to go on adventures with Dora, who often interacts and speaks directly to her audience.

If your kids end up in front of the TV, you might find that they can actually benefit from watching programming that is appropriate for their age, engaging, interactive, and educational.

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