Top Resolutions for the New Year 2013

Traditionally, when welcoming in the New Year, adults and children alike often choose a resolution to stick to for the year. These types of commitments are great ways to kick old habits that you might not be so proud and help to enhance your overall lifestyle. From little day-to-day fixes to bigger decisions, here are some of the top resolutions made each year.

  • Getting yourself fit and healthy - One of the most popular choices for New Year’s resolutions is making the decision to lose weight. But, before jumping on any extreme diet that might be difficult to follow, try setting more realistic goals. Be more conscious of the foods that you consume each day and try to add a little more activity to your routine. One of the most overlooked aspects of food are the labels. Don't forget to cross check each time your are picking up something from the shelves. Exercising can be as simple as taking a walk around the neighborhood or even doing some extra chores around the house. You’ll find that these two habits can work hand in hand in getting healthier and losing any of those extra pounds that you might be carrying around.
  • Making family time more of a priority - When you are busy with work and other time-consuming commitments, family can often take a backseat. From time to time, take a break and make sure that you have the chance to enjoy their company. Make memories by starting new traditions like family game night or dinner dates.
  • Picking up a new hobby - When you reach adulthood, it is not often that you have the time or opportunity to pick up a new hobby or learn something new. This new year, try not to get too stuck in your everyday routine and do your best to step out and try out a few new hobbies. Whether you pick up knitting, baking, blogging, or even a new sport, there’s a whole world of activities for you to choose from.
  • Choosing to be more financially responsible - Managing your finances can be a tough job, so for most people there is usually a good amount of room for improvement in this area. Whether you are hoping to save a little more money this year or plan on getting yourself out of any outstanding debts, you won’t be able to see any major changes until you start making a bigger effort in your day to day spending habits.
  • Living a more “green” lifestyle - The best way for you to teach your kids and other family members about the benefits of reducing, reusing, and recycling is through practicing what you preach. Get in the habit of reusing cloth grocery bags or sustainable food containers and water bottles. Being aware of your impact on the world can make habits like these easier to implement day in and day out.

These are just a few of the ways to head into the new year with a new and improved outlook. Once you meet the goals that you decide to set, you will be surprised at how much of a difference you might notice in your day to day activities. So, before the clock strikes midnight, try celebrating with a few new beginnings for the New Year.

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