Top Food Choices for Super Bowl Sunday

For the perfect Super Bowl party with your closest friends, family, and fellow football fans, be sure to prepare delicious and satisfying dishes that your guests would willingly hustle after. 

The only way to assure that your game day spread is not missing any classic Super Bowl bites is by planning before the big day. Food and drinks are essential to keeping any party going, so here are our top food suggestions for your game day menu!

Super Bowl Party Ideas

Make this the greatest Super Bowl Sunday ever!

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Appetizers and Finger Foods

Dips: Crisps and dips is a classic duo like PB & J, or cookies and milk. Spinach artichoke, 7-layer, hummus, and onion dip are just a handful of classic dips that you can pair with chips, crackers or sliced fresh veggies. Research a variety of new recipes and consider serving both hot and cold dips for people of different taste. You can also opt for a tasty dessert dips or spreads to serve with cookie, pretzels and the likes.

Stuffed mushrooms, potatoes, or peppers: Fill your favorite veggies with a mixture of cheese and fillers like chopped onions, eggs, or spinach. Bite sized savory dishes like these are the exact type of comfort food that your guests are look for during a nerve wreaking game. Popular variations of these appetizers include spicy jalapeno poppers, potato skins or sausage stuffed mushroom caps.

Nachos: A popular treat for sports events, nachos can be made spicy, cheesy, or baked with chili or chopped meat. For larger crowds, consider baking these in large trays. As you lay down chips, be sure to layer shredded cheese on top of the chips so that every crispy bite is covered evenly. Add in your favorite nacho toppings like sliced jalapenos, olives, salsa, sliced veggies, guacamole, sour cream, or green onions.

Deli platter: Prepare your favorite selection of cured meats like salami or prosciutto, cut up a variety of cheeses into single servings, and set out bowls of marinated olives or vegetables like peppers, pickles and artichoke hearts. To accompany these snacks, don’t forget to have a serving dish of crackers or thinly sliced bread along with tantalizing spreads or dips like olive oil.

While finger food seems to be the Super Bowl norm, you can above and beyond to impress your group of hardcore football fans. In those cases, you might just turn to a few game day classics. But do not feel limited to following the recipe step by step, you can always incorporate our own unique take or custom cool ingredient to it.

Entrées and Main Courses

Burgers and Hot Dogs: Create a “build-your-own” selection of toppings. From grilled onions to mushrooms and a variety of cheeses, there are so many options that you can choose from to make your Super Bowl spread interactive and enjoyable for everyone involved. Invite guest to customize their burger or dogs or provide an assortment of unique sausages or burger patties.

Cold cuts: Make a few long sub sandwiches to slice up and share. Remember that if you are leaving food out for the duration of the gathering, you’ll want to serve delicious delicacies like these dry so that your cold cut sandwiches or subs do not get soggy over time. Depending on the tastes of your guests, provide a variety of options, ranging from turkey, cured meats, ham or even seasoned or picked veggies for your vegetarian guests.

BBQ - brisket, ribs, chicken and more: Fire up the grill and start marinating your favorite cuts of meat. If you have access to a smoker or outdoor grill, put your BBQ skills to the ultimate test on game day with a few tantalizing recipes accompanied by classic side dishes like potato salad, grilled veggies and other preferred sides.

Pizza: Order up a few pizzas from your favorite pizza parlor or try making some of your own savory slices. Many grocery stores provide par baked crusts or fresh pizza dough that allow you to top this game day classic with any options of your choosing. Whether you’re looking to pile up your pizza with veggie or sausage and pepperoni, the possibilities are endless!

Additionally, remember to provide an ample selection of drinks and a few quick and easy dessert items to complete this day of union. With a spread like this, your game day efforts won’t go unnoticed! 

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