Top 6 Ways to Spend Spring Break with Kids

Spring is finally here! After the months of cold, harsh winters, spring comes as a relief. While winter makes us want to huddle around a fire or under a blanket, spring puts a spring in our steps and makes our hearts yearn for the outdoors. With beautiful blooms and foliage to enjoy in the lengthening days, there is every reason to go out and about to make the most of the season.

Outdoor Spring Activities for Kids

Spring Activities for Kids

Spring is possibly the best season to go out and explore the joys of nature with your children. There is a whole range of things you can do, from fun to educational, the list of things to do with your kids in spring is endless. Here, we bring you the top 6 ways to spend spring break with your kids:

  1. Sleep Under the Sky – Pull this one off successfully and you would have just made a memory that your child will cherish for the rest of their life! There is something about sleeping outside that makes it one of the biggest thrills of childhood – one that is unrivalled by any other. If you have a garden or a clean backyard, choose a warm day, pitch a tent and spend the night there. To make it even more special, spread a blanket and lie under the skies for a while before moving into the tent for the night. A magical experience guaranteed.
  2. Worm Hunt – You heard that right – a worm hunt. If you want to keep it simple or if you have very young kids, stick to turning over stones to see what lies underneath. Spring being spring, there would be a lot to see. If you have older kids and if you are feeling a little adventurous, get some digging equipment and start a worm hunt. You will be surprised by the wealth you find buried under the soil. Make sure not to leave the kids alone with the digging material.
  3. Melt Crayons – The end result of this activity is so pretty, your kids will forgive you for the time it takes to actually happen. With kids at home, there are bound to be a few broken pieces of crayons lying around. Gather them and get started! Choose a very hot day for this activity. Coat a paper plate with aluminum foil. Now, grab the broken crayons and remove the paper wraps. Place a cookie cutter (the heart shape one is a personal favorite) on the plate and put the crayon pieces inside. Place the plate in a sunny spot for a few hours. The results will be stunning.
  4. Spring Activities for Kids - Chalk Designs
  5. Ice Cream Sunday – Kids (and adults) love ice cream. But instead of setting off in the car to enjoy these treats at the neighborhood ice cream parlor, make them at home! Homemade ice cream is pretty simple to make and most grocery stores will have such mixes. Get a classic vanilla ice cream mix and make it at home. Let the kids decorate them with the topping of their choice. You can use chocolate chips, roasted peanuts, fresh cut fruits, candy vermicelli, mini marshmallows, crushed Oreos, etc., for the toppings. Head out and enjoy your homemade ice cream in the sun with the kids.
  6. Chalk Designs – One of the most fun things you and your kids can do is let the creativity out and create works of art. The beauty of drawing chalk on your driveway is that it is not permanent and your kids can create something as large as their minds will allow them to.
  7. Photo Shoot – Your kids might yet be too young for Facebook but that does not mean they will not enjoy getting their photos clicked! What better time than spring break to take some lovely, vibrant pictures in the sun? So, slather on some sunscreen, gather some props (to make the pictures all the more fun), arm yourself with a digital camera and head out. Choose flower beds, neighborhood lakes, etc. as backgrounds and let the children tap in their inner super models.

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