Top 5 Family Night-Out Ideas

It’s time to turn the televisions off and do something fun with the family! But family nights out can be a little tricky to plan. This is because when you plan an activity that involves the entire family, you need to keep in mind the likes and dislikes of different ages and genders, while ensuring the activity is both fun and safe. If going out for pizza is your go-to idea for a night out, it’s probably time to add a little bit of ingenuity to your plans. All this can be done without having to break the bank or breaking into a sweat while trying to think of ideas.

Here are some original family outing ideas that are sure to engage everyone:

  1. Camping: Camping with family members, huddled around a fire, and indulging in stargazing with some s’mores is a great way to hang out with the family while having a blast. “But I live right in the middle of a thriving city,” do I hear you say? Well, you still can! Sure, it might not be the ‘woods’, but a wooded park or even the backyard can easily double up as your camp site. If your area permits it, light a small bonfire, have everyone grab a blanket and cuddle up. Get marshmallows to roast (or anything else you like), some hot chocolate to go with it and maybe throw in some spooky stories to set the camping atmosphere. You are brought into a place where electronics are not the everyday focus but enjoying nature with family is.
  2. Movie Theater: If it’s too hot to sit around a fire, this next idea will surely cool you down. Get the family together and drive to the nearest movie theater and catch one of the latest entertainments! There are so many good drinks and snacks, like buttery popcorn, Icees, or various chocolate treats. Perhaps even to make a day of it by getting dinner with your movie outing. Either way, it’s an enjoyable trip for the whole family.
  3. Sports Night: The way the mere words ‘football game’ have us picturing crazy game days with the family allows us to bask in some of the best childhood memories. Even if it is just a local game, bringing the family out for an evening of sports can be quite enjoyable and rewarding. Only thing to remember here is not to force the sport of your choice on your kids. Have your family decide together and find out what the family would enjoy best before you go ahead and buy those tickets. A sports night out packs in a lot of drama and is quite the entertainment! Sporting events are some of the strongest memories your kids will carry with them throughout their entire lives.
  4. Bowling: Don’t think you are the bowling type? Lucky for you, bowling is a great family sport that you can all laugh with. Once you find your groove, bowling can turn out to be one of the most interesting things to do with your family. If you or your kids have never tried bowling before, start off with a single round of it in a local bowling alley. Bowling promotes a little, healthy in-house competition while enjoying those embarrassing gutter-ball moments.
  5. Eat Out: Eating out is perhaps one of the most popular activities to do with family or friends and it isn't hard to imagine why. With good food and great company, can good times be lagging too far behind? Definitely not! Set a date to go out every month with the family and try to stick to it. As far as cuisines are concerned, you can either choose to stick with what the entire family likes or make eating a new experience of educating the family about world cuisine. You could make each month a new cultural focus, if January is the month of Mexico, February can be the month of India. What would March be? Plan it out with your kids and have a great time!

Having fun with the family isn’t much of an ordeal. After all, a great family night out is sometimes waiting to happen right in your own backyard or even in your living room!


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