Top 10 Tips for Throwing the Perfect Holiday Party

Holiday gatherings come in all styles. Whether you are gathering with friends, family, or coworkers, there is a ton of work that goes into planning the perfect party. From getting the perfect holiday deals on supplies to finding inspiring homemade décor ideas, here are our top tips for throwing the perfect holiday party:

1. Serve a Signature Drink –

Find the perfect drink recipe to highlight popular holiday season flavors. There are certain drinks that particularly embody the holidays, such as spiced apple ciders, homemade eggnog, sparkling fruit punches, or flavored hot cocoas. Remember that traditional recipes for drinks like these can be made to accommodate various types of audiences.

2. Create and Send Out Invitations –

The holiday season is a special time of year, so why not make the added effort to send out homemade invitations? Small details like this can really make a party stand out from any other gathering.

3. Personalize Small Giveaway Items for Guests –

Before your guests leave, be sure they have something to remember the party by. This could be in the form of some small token of appreciation, a present, or a box of homemade baked goods like cookies, cakes, and more.

4. Prepare Appetizers and Festive Finger Foods –

Creating a large spread of smaller items that your guests can eat will encourage them to move around the party with ease. This way they can socialize without being tied down to the same group of people throughout the event. You’ll also be given the opportunity to try out a number of new recipes or share ones that have been passed down by your family.

5. Theme Your Party Around an Activity –

Depending on the age range of the people attending your party, there are tons of holiday themed activities for you to choose from. Popular choices often involve: gift exchanges, cookie swaps, caroling, or even gift wrapping and tree decorating gatherings.

6. Create the Perfect Holiday Table Settings –

When plating your foods, do not forget to put some thought into the décor of your tables. Using festive colors like red, green, blue, gold or silver could help you find the perfect tablecloths and napkins for your spread. You might also want to consider livening things up with seasonal items like sparkling snow-like details, pinecones, candles or garlands.

7. Get Creative with Floral Arrangements and Centerpieces –

Floral arrangements can be the easiest way to dress up a room and set the mood for your party. Look online for some added inspiration on how you can creatively utilize holiday ribbons and other common winter items like old ornaments.

8. Entertain the Kids –

If you have younger guests attending your party, expect to have seasonal crafts and other activities planned for them. From cookie decorating to building gingerbread houses and simple DIY ornaments, there are so many ways to keep kids in the spirit of the season. For added help, designate someone to guide them through these activities throughout the duration of your event.

9. Decorate Your Home –

Head to the stores or log in online to find great deals on outdoor holiday decorations like lights, artificial snow, and other festive figurines. A great way to get guests in the spirit of things is by greeting them with fun and festive decorations upon their arrival.

10. Make Sure that Your Guests Feel Comfortable –

When your guests arrive, offer to take their coats or bags, so they will not need to lug around their things throughout the party. Follow this up by offering them a drink or some food to try. This is also a great time to make sure they know where to find things they might need like additional food, the restrooms, and more.

Use these top 10 tips as a means of getting your friends and family together this holiday season.


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