Top 10 Great Books for the Reading Mom

Who says that only your kids get to learn and entertain themselves by reading? While it is essential for kids to learn the tools they need to be effective readers and writers, moms should not hesitate to grab a good book for themselves. You can curl up with a great reading book whenever you have some spare time and relax. Use this list as your go-to mom reading book guide for 2013.

  1. Les Misérables, by Victor Hugo: This novel is centered on love, redemption, and French history. In this story, Victor Hugo details the lives of various people, particularly that of Jean Valjean, an ex-convict determined to change his life. Although this novel is considered to be one of the longest novels ever written, the depth of the story is sure to enrapture every mom. Also, Les Misérables can be enjoyed through the feature film and hit musical.
  2. No Biking in the House Without a Helmet, by Melissa Fay Greene: If you have a large family or are keen on having one someday, read about the life of Melissa Fay Greene. This book talks about the adventures that Greene and her husband have as they live life with their nine children — four biological children and five adopted children. If she can do it and write a book about it in the meantime, you can! Check out this book for a fun and intriguing read, and explore your own adventures of being a mother.
  3. Bossypants, by Tina Fey: Most everyone knows the illustrious Tina Fey and her comedic prowess. From Saturday Night Live to her numerous comedic movie successes, Fey has helped shape the face of comedy from the woman’s perspective. In Bossypants, Fey details the journey that she went through to where she is now. Also, Fey can resonate with mothers out there as she writes about her struggles as a mother herself.
  4. Blackberry Winter, by Sarah Jio: Mystery and excitement highly characterize Jio’s novel, Blackberry Winter. The main character in this novel, Claire Aldridge, goes through an adventure in figuring out the mysterious disappearance of a young boy. This book tells a tale of a motherly love and will definitely interest many different audiences. Also, this can be a great book to focus on for a mom book club.
  5. Safe Haven, by Nicholas Sparks: Nicholas Sparks never fails to capture his readers in the epic tales of love and romance. However, this book will catch any mom’s attention in a different way, because it has an added element of mystery and danger. The main character of this story is running away from a scary past into a falling into a future of friendship and love. Be sure to also catch this novel in its feature film version!
  6. The Help, by Kathryn Stockett: This story will take you back to the early 1960s, as the main character, Eugenins “Skeeter” Phelan strives to reveal the inequality of working as a maid. Tensions were high regarding racial boundaries and perceptions of equality, and Stockett eloquently presents this conflict through the plotlines in this story. Also, this story has been adapted into a feature film.
  7. Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, by Amy Chua: Every mother parents her children in different ways. In this book, Amy Chua goes against the grain and speaks honestly about her decision to raise her children in a traditional, Chinese fashion. Though you might not agree with her on some points, Chua might get you thinking about the ways that you parent your children. Use this book as a great discussion topic amongst fellow moms!
  8. Water for Elephants, by Sara Gruen: The unconventional tale told in this novel will take you into the mind of the main character, Jacob Jankowski. Read along and follow Jacob’s path as he reminisces on the time when he found love, struggle, and wonder during his time working at the Benzini Brothers Most Spectacular Show on Earth. This book has also been produced into a feature film.
  9. The Midwife’s Confession, by Diane Chamberlain: If you are the type of mom that wants to take a break from the usual romance story, open up Diane Chamberlain’s The Midwife’s Confession. Two friends are left puzzled after their best friend commits suicide. This dramatic and mysterious story will keep you enthralled and curious, and perhaps you could even include your friends in a discussion about it.
  10. Left Neglected, by Lisa Genova: Mothers may have a variety of roles that they fill. Whether you are a working mom or you stay at home, Genova’s Left Neglected is relatable to many different types of moms. This novel tells a story about a busy, successful mom who is left dealing with a crippling injury. Moreover, this novel’s theme wants to send a message to moms saying that it is okay to slow your life down a bit.

There are endless possibilities with this list of books. In fact, this top-ten list of must-read books for moms is not an exhaustive list of the thousands of books out there, all in a variety of genres. Perhaps you might want to start a book club with your friends, or perhaps you can read a different book with your child and have a mommy-daughter book discussion. Whatever you choose to read or do, make some time for “mommy time.” When you can, relax and sit down with a good book — then, get right back up to do what you do best.

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